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Vinyl Flooring

When you’re looking for the right flooring material to use in your space, the number of options available to you can seem overwhelming. Finest Home Improvement is here to help you figure out what kind of floors meet your needs, budget, and timeline so that you can be sure your space is beautiful, functional and up to the job. Vinyl flooring is a great option for any space that’s going to face a lot of foot traffic, spills, people standing for long hours and on top of all that it’s one of the most low maintenance materials on the market.

Why Build a Retaining Wall With Masonry?

There is no secret that most home and business owners will look at the price of building a retaining wall out of wood and think these savings upfront is worth their while. Of course, you have to consider the big picture. Pressure-treated wood retaining walls only last between 10 and 20 years before it begins to rot and fall apart. While that might sound like a reasonable amount of time, consider the fact that retaining walls built with stone, brick and concrete can last up to 100 years with minimal maintenance.

Tried, Tested and True, Vinyl Flooring is Dependable and Versatile

Vinyl flooring has been around since the 1950s and hasn’t changed much since then. Vinyl manufacturing has turned to using greener practices as well as adding on some neat new features to update this old favorite. Many types of vinyl flooring are enhanced with antimicrobial substances, meaning that they keep themselves clean in a lot of ways, improving the air quality and making vinyl an excellent choice for spaces that are open to the public. Neat freaks rejoice, vinyl flooring is the answer to your prayers!

An Old-Fashioned Material, With a Modern Look

Although the benefits of vinyl as a flooring material haven’t changed too dramatically since its inception in the 50s, it certainly has had a miraculous makeover. Modern manufacturers of vinyl tiles, strips or swaths can now offer you an almost infinite number of choices to fit your design scheme. From beautiful wood grain to industrial-chic concrete, vinyl is the flooring master of disguise. We guarantee you’ll be able to find the perfect look to fit your space, without spending the big bucks on high maintenance materials.

Easy Upkeep, Low Prices – Vinyl Flooring to Meet Your Needs and Your Budget

Vinyl flooring remains one of the most inexpensive materials to use in flooring. The installation process is straightforward and quick, and maintenance is almost too simple! Vinyl is entirely water resistant making it an excellent option for kitchens, basement spaces or anywhere that’s want to get splashed occasionally. It’s also incredibly sturdy, meaning that heavy foot traffic or extensive usage will barely leave a trace. Cleaning is as easy as a quick sweep and a mop, and most vinyl flooring has a warranty for over five years from the manufacturer.

Is Vinyl Flooring Right for Your Space?

If you have any questions about vinyl flooring for your space, give Finest Home Improvement a call. We’re happy to help you figure out which kind of flooring best fits your needs, budget, and timeline. You may think floors are a bore, but here at Finest Home Improvement, there’s nothing we love more. Our specialists will walk you through the services we offer, and give you all the tips and tricks to make your floors more than what you walk on. Get in touch today and start making your interior design dreams a reality!