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Project Ideas

Back Porch Remodeling

Insulate a back porch to get year-round use out of it

Basement Remodeling

We will work tirelessly to make your unfinished basement into a functional living area. Whether you need more storage space, an entertainment area, a spare bedroom, fitness center, or home office with an extra bathroom, we will work with you to create your new desired living space. Our basement projects are framed, using metal framing and mold proof sheetrock to avoid the possibility of mold and termites. This method is more fire-resistant, and prevents nails or skews from popping out and will not warp, bend or grow mold or mildew ever.

Basement Foundation Wall Waterproofing

Application of hydraulic cement and other waterproof products. Installation of French Drainage systems and sump pumps

Basement Floor Waterproofing

Installation of French Drainage systems and sump pumps.

Deck Restoration

Replace old rotten or splintered deck boards with new material.

Deck Staining

Give your older deck a bright new look and add years of extra life by applying solid stains with UV protection in an large choice of colors.

Deck Extensions

Add a new landing or walkway to an existing deck or a new deck staircase for easy access

Deck Railing:

Refurbish old splintered deck railings by replacing them with new material

Replace the top railing with new 5/4 X 6 Cedar or PT Pine. We can stain the new railing to match your deck. You can also choose composite material or PVC, which is pre-finished and never needs to be sealed or stained.


Yes, we replace old style doors that were installed with metal jambs (frames). We will replace all kinds of old doors with new replacement doors. We can change interior, exterior, wood, steel, or composite doors, cut them to size and fit them into place correctly.

Replace old flat interior doors with new style raised panel doors

You may choose from a wide variety of solid, wood, or hollow core doors.

Add new space to an existing deck by building out

Building on to an existing deck is a less expensive alternative than building a new one.

Molding Work

Crown Moldings for any room

Add new charm to any room with the timeless bold look of crown moldings.

Base Moldings

Replace old traditional base moldings with new bold contemporary styles.

Window and Door Moldings

Replace old moldings with new bold contemporary styles.

Painting: Interior

Paint Interior Doors and Trim

Freshen up an old paint job by repainting only the doors and trim. Save the total expense of a full paint job, preparation time and mess.

Painting: Exterior

Enclosed Back Porch

Power Washing

The process utilizes environmentally safe chemicals and will not harm pets, plants or grass areas. Power washing removes mildew, mold and ground-in dirt caused by acid rain.

Houses, Front Entranceways, Front Steps, Decks, Patios, Walkways, Driveways

Pool Areas: Patios, Walkways, Bullnose Pool Coping, Filter Area

Concrete Surfaces: Garage Floors, Patios, Walkways, Driveways

Roof Cleaning: Remove unsightly green mold and black mildew

Patio Furniture, Children’s Play Sets