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Hydroviv Under-Sink Water Filter


Hydroviv Refrigerator Water Filter


Hydroviv water filtration systems are the only water filters where Water Nerds examine YOUR city's water quality data BEFORE the filter cartridge is custom-built for you (using your shipping address and zip code). This will ensure that the system performs optimally. Water isn't one-size-fits-all, and your filter shouldn't be either.

Hydroviv drinking water filters meet industry standard filtration performance specifications for removing Chlorine, Ammonia, GenX, Lead, Chromium 6, Arsenic, Mercury, common VOCs and Cysts.  Hydroviv systems have also been independently tested to remove PFAS including GenX and other emerging contaminants.

The filter cartridge lasts 6-9 months under normal usage. Extra water filter replacement cartridges can be purchased directly from us or online.

Hydroviv's filtration system connects to the underside of a lead-free faucet using simple screw-on connections that do not damage plumbing.

The Under Sink or Refrigerator filtration system only requires a space that is 14 x 6 x 6 inches, so it can fit under any sink or bathroom vanity, even if you have a garbage disposal.

Hydroviv's water filtration systems are proudly hand-built in a Washington, DC facility, using NSF (National Safety Foundation) certified housing materials and NSF certified filtration media. 

You can buy with confidence knowing that there is a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee on any purchase, and that our housings/hardware have a 5-year warranty as well.

Remember when ordering either system:

We use your shipping address to locate your water supply.  So if you are purchasing a system as a gift for someone at a different address, just make a note with the "Filter optimized for address” in the order notes.

Also Note: If you are on a private well, please indicate so in the "your order notes". Our Water Nerds will use a different set of data to optimize your filter, including geological assessments from USGS and internal data. *

All Hydroviv water filtration systems meet NSF (National Safety Foundation) Standard 53 filtration performance specifications for removing GENX, Chromium 6, lead, Mercury, Chlorine, Ammonia, Cysts, & common VOCs.

Hydroviv filters have also been independently tested to remove PFAS including GENX. EACH FILTER CARTRIDGE WILL BE INDIVIDUALLY OPTIMIZED FOR YOUR LOCAL WATER.

Hydroviv systems are able to filter your water at faster flow rates than RO filters which means higher water pressure for you. And they do not need a separate water faucet and drain installation. So they do not waste water by back-flushing.

Hydroviv filters are effective and much less expensive to purchase and maintain, making this a perfect choice for your kitchen sink and refrigerator.

"Special Pricing for a limited time"

(includes 1 filter cartridge & installation)

Customers may also purchase an additional replacement filter-cartridge at the price of $70.00 each. (So you will have one year’s supply)

Free shipping and tax free

You can change the replacement filter yourself every 6-9months. Or we can change it for you for $30 service call.

Call Richard for installation at:

(631) 921-8108


Trever C. Verified buyer


Best filter on the market
Water quality is a big concern these days especially living In Wilmington N.C. where your “public” water company is actually private and toxins are dumped daily into our water source. At least I have piece of mind knowing I’m taking extra steps to protect my family with one of your filters. I recommend everyone add one to your home.

Elaine M. verified buyer


Taste - what taste?
Precisely why I love my Hydroviv Water Filter. No more nasty aftertaste, just crisp clean water! It's out of site, under sink and water comes straight out of my existing faucet. Great product and customer service!


(631) 921-8108

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